Helping You Convert 3 Steps To Social Media Marketing Dominance


Let’s say you just started implementing a social media marketing strategy for your business. This is great, except for the fact that you’re not quite getting the results you wanted.

Don’t worry; today we’re going look past the branded text and catchy slogans to break down the three simple steps you can follow to jumpstart your business’s social media marketing campaign and become a true online authority in your industry.

  1. Start With Goals

It’s common practice for you to create buyer personas based on the customers who are already interested in your industry. This is an attempt at ensuring that your sales funnel is efficient enough to make you money.

Similarly, if you want to be sure that your social media marketing strategy actually works, you’re going to have to start with a certain amount of planning beforehand. Simply posting on social media without a strategy in mind is likely to offer minimal benefits and introduce a whole host of problems you’d rather not deal with.

So, what does planning out a social media marketing campaign look like? Well, if you want to amass a following as large as the main character of People You May Know, it’s going to rely on your ability to be specific and collect data.

Let me be absolutely clear: saying that you want to “increase conversions” doesn’t qualify as an appropriate goal. It’s just too vague. We don’t know the degree to which you’d like to raise your conversion rate, the timeframe you had in mind or even what you’d specifically like to increase conversions for.

Instead, build goals like these:

    • I’d like to increase the conversion rate of Product X by 10 percent in the next two months

Being vague isn’t just unprofessional, it limits your ability to grow as a business. With a vague goal, you don’t have set evaluation periods that you can look at objectively and say “yes, this worked” or “no, this didn’t work.” With a realistic, attainable goal in place, you can not only measure your marketing campaign success, but you can also clearly observe your failures and determine how to fix them promptly.

  1. Incorporate Content Marketing

Here’s something you need to understand about social media marketing: it works best when you pair it with content marketing because people on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are there for content. While your audience may have unique needs when it comes to the kinds of content they want, there’s no getting around that the average consumer is a sucker for high-quality content.

So, you know you need some content for to tie together your social media marketing campaign. Now all you need is a strategy for creating content. To be fair, we could probably sit here all day talking about the ins and outs of content creation, what it means to your audience and what it means for your business. But for the sake of keeping things moving, we’re just going to focus on the key points you need to understand before you publish your first piece of content.

First off, ditch the idea that this content is supposed to serve your business. Its promotion and the online authority it brings you will benefit your business. But the content itself? That’s for the audience. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time we discussed the two most common kinds of content: educational content and entertaining content.

Honestly, if you’re not in a very particular niche or industry, entertainment may not be the right lane for your business. If you have to ask, it’s probably not for you. Educational content, on the other hand, is almost always a good idea for businesses looking to provide value to their audience. If, for example, you’re an eCommerce vendor selling Juul products, you could develop blog posts about the potential health benefits of switching to vaping, for example.

Being the savvy business owner that you are, you probably know every major complaint and issue that exists in your industry. On top of that, there’s a strong chance that you have an understanding of the current events and major industry shifts of the last few weeks. Congratulations, you’ve just identified the foundation for your content marketing strategy.

Acknowledge the pain points of your audience and offer them either tangible solutions to those problems or access to thought leadership that will allow them to think their way out of the problem. 

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  1. Reach Out To Influencers

Social media influencers are powerful marketing tools, mostly due to the fact that they offer you more than any other marketing tool on the market. For starters, you get access to the influencer’s targeted audience. This group of industry fans is both interested in your industry and willing to trust the influencer you’ve partnered up with. But beyond that, you’re able to turn the influencer’s platform into a vehicle for becoming a respected online authority yourself.

How are you dominating social media? Share your strategies in the comments.

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