How Do SEO Tools Provide a Light in the Internet Darkness?


Let’s say that you’re a business owner and you’re trying to get your website and its social media presence to perform better. You are a small business, not one of these behemoths that you’re competing against, so you need affordable solutions that deliver real results. No smoke and mirrors are acceptable here. What do you do?

For business owners, the answer to this conundrum lies in the SEO tools that the business uses. In many cases, you can be using the same tools that the deeper-pocketed players are using, which is kind of reassuring.

Getting the Content Strategy Right

Fumbling around in the darkness is no fun. When you’re having content produced and it’s not well researched or produced with ranking position in mind, you have a losing proposition right there. Content that has nothing viral about it or isn’t shareable due to the subject matter, originality or quality level isn’t going to help either.

For a content strategy to be effective, you first need to be well informed about what sites are ranking well in your industry and for which search terms. Where does all their traffic come from? When content is driving a lot of the traffic, you’ll be able to see that by using software like the SEOcrawler Spider Tool because it helps to connect the dots between content, search keywords, and ranking positions. No more fumbling in the dark.

Deep Dive on Your Competitors

Have you ever wondered how your competitors are doing so well and for so long? With SEO tools, you can deep dive into their sites, see what pages are driving the most traffic, what backlinks from other websites to the competitor’s site are considered the most powerful, and determine how you can surpass them.

If you think that looking at what your competitors are doing for guidance is amoral or just plain wrong, let’s get something out of the way: they’re already doing it themselves. They either did it on the way up to greatness or they are most likely doing it today. Smaller, nimbler players often come up with fresh creative ideas that bigger players don’t consider, so keeping a close eye on the competition is a good way to stay nimble.

Brand Reputation Monitoring

A comprehensive SEO tool might also think to include a brand monitoring feature. When searching regularly across social networks, websites, and news columns, the artificial intelligence built into the software kicks in to find anything that could be reputationally damaging.

Issues of relevance for brand reputation include public customer service comments, negative statements on website forums, posts on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, and comments across other social media channels. However people are choosing to talk about their unhappiness, good SEO software with a brand monitoring feature tries to help highlight these issues outside of a simple Google Alert to let staff quickly address the public problem before it becomes a serious PR issue.  

SEO tools perform many functions that help website and business owners achieve more with what they already have. Safeguarding the business reputation is just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible when putting the time into learning how to get the best out of one of these tools.

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