A Review on Reliance Jio Live TV Android & iOS App


With the inception of Reliance Jio, it has successfully provided India with a high-speed 4G internet connection and has also formed the largest data network in the whole world. One can enjoy the internet network of Jio not only in mobiles but can also use them through routers.


With the Live app of Jio TV Download, the users get to enjoy the access to all TV programs. The app is available for both the tablets and mobiles. The app was launched in September 2016 and in December of the same year; it provided the users with 350 channels in various Indian regional content. Presently it has 430 channels and the channel HBO HD has been added recently.

Advantages of Jio Live TV

  • With the live TV app, one gets to enjoy the feature of pause and play the channels of the live TV. One does not have to miss any moment of his favorite shows on TV. If work arises all of a sudden, one can pause the TV show which he was watching and resume watching it later from the very point he had stopped.
  • One gets to watch the TV shows according to his own time and convenience. The live TV service helps one to catch-up the missed episodes of the most popular shows that have been broadcasted in the last 7 days.
  • With Jio Live TV, one gets the opportunity to carry his TV with him anywhere he wants to. The favorite TV shows can be enjoyed even when one is in traveling or working.

jio live tv

Categories in the App

  • Entertainment- 29 Channels
  • Business News – 1 Channel
  • Devotional – 6 Channels
  • Lifestyle – 2 Channels
  • Infotainment – 14 Channels
  • Music – 6 Channels
  • News – 1 Channel
  • Movies – 17 Channels
  • Sports – 12 Channels

Features of Jio Live TV

  • The smart features of the app help the user to search various programs from the channels that have been aired in the past week.
  • One gets to share their favorite programs on the social networking sites.
  • Since the app is multilingual, one can explore the app in languages like Hindi, English along with the other Indian regional languages.
  • One can also plan to view the TV shows by setting up a reminder for the programs that are to be watched.
  • Zero disturbance while watching can be enabled by locking the screen.
  • One gets the option of 30 seconds instant rewind and forward on the app player.
  • One can either move back or move forth a channel through a simple swipe on the screen.
  • Content can also be browsed even if the player is in the mini view.

Devices Compatible  

The LIVE TV app of Jio can be enjoyed both on the tablets and smartphones that are running on the iOS and Android platform.


The user-interface of Jio Live TV app and navigation is quite easy and simple to use. It is a guide to the set-top box. One can either move left or right for viewing the channels. By scrolling upwards and downwards, one can view all the channels. The categories and channels can be selected from the menu on the app. Thumbnail views for channels are provided. The movies and TV shows can be marked for enjoy them later.

But one of the twists in the app comes as all the shows do not come under the policy of seven days which can catch up during the past seven day period. Movies can only be watched when one is online and live.

Final Take

On an overall basis, the app works pretty well. With a single tap, one can start viewing any channels that he desires to watch. One also gets the option of minimising the video being watched if he wants to browse through the other channels while watching the show on the mini screen. One of the features that the app lacks is that it does not provide enough English channels for entertainment. It is perfect for the users whose needs get fulfilled through the channel list provided. It is expected that the Jio TV app will keep on adding channels in the coming months.

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