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[*Review] Maharshi Vitiligo Centre – Best Vitiligo Treatment Provider in India


Vitiligo is a skin condition that affects the skin and results in patches of discolored skin throughout the body. This long-term skin disease is generally regarded as incurable. Although, new and more effective treatments have proven to improve the condition of the patients significantly the world is still in need of a few pioneers who can dedicate themselves to treating anyone suffering from the skin condition. Fortunately, throughout the past years, we have seen a steady flow of such organizations. One such eminent centers are Maharshi Vitiligo Centres enlightening the lives of people suffering from vitiligo.

About Maharshi Vitiligo Centre

Founded and guided by Dr. Sanjay Dubey, the Maharshi Organization aims to usher a world where vitiligo patients can attain treatment for their condition without the use of steroids. Owing to their unwavering determination to treat vitiligo efficiently, Maharshi has discovered vital information about the skin condition that has helped by Maharshi Vitiligo Centre.

Patients at the Maharshi Vitiligo Centre undergo through a series of strict protocols which ensure the optimal treatment for their skin condition. They mainly build their treatment on the concepts of Phototherapy – a process that maximizes skin pigmentation generation by stimulating melanocyte.

Treatments Provided

There is a wide array of treatments at the Maharshi Vitiligo Centre for improving the skin condition of a vitiligo patient. The treatments offered by the organization are detailed as the following:-

  • Excimer Laser 308 Ra  –

This treatment is basically used when there is a need for employing targeted phototherapy methods to eliminate skin patches that are comparatively more stubborn and are not removable through whole-body phototherapy methods. As the name implies, this method utilizes a laser with a wavelength of 308 nanometers by using Chlorine and Xenon gases. The laser breaks through the surface layer of the skin and penetrates deep to stimulate melanocyte to promote skin pigment production.

  • Narrow Band B

This method is a whole-body vitiligo treatment method that activates dormant melanocytes and forces them to migrate to other parts of the skin to promote the generation of skin pigmentation throughout the entire body. This method is regarded to be relatively safer, and hence, it is ideal for treating vitiligo in pregnant women and children. This method uses an ultra-violet bath which engages the entire body of the patient to receive and react to ultra-violet light that promotes skin pigment production.

  • PUVA

Full Body UVA is whole-body vitiligo treatment method which is generally coupled with Narrow Band UVA to provide the most effective results, especially within patients that are suffering from a Type-5 Vitiligo condition. This method is given along the dosage of psoralens and decapeptides to ensure that the patient gets the most effective results.

  • Targeted Phototherapy – Livia & Lumera

This method is generally used for targeted phototherapy needs. This is only employed when the other whole-body treatments are unable to treat a few specific areas of the skin. This method employs the use of monochromatic light that penetrates the particular areas of the skin to stimulate the melanocytes and force them to activate. This method is ideal when there is a need to increase the efficiency for the functioning of melanocytes in specific skin areas.

  • Hand and Foot UV Phototherapy

Since not all areas of the skin react to melanocyte-promoting light spectrum in the same way, the need for developing separate methods for hairless areas such of the foot and the hands emerged. The Hand and Foot UV Phototherapy makes use of UV-emitting machinery that employs a concentrated beam of light to target hairless areas of the skin to promote the generation of skin pigmentation within the specific area.

  • Non-Cultured Melanocyte Transplant

As the name implies, this method is used to surgically transplant active melanocytes on the larger skin areas like hands or the shin with the vitiligo condition. To be eligible for this treatment, the patient should have a stable condition of the Vitiligo skin disease. It is regarded as a method that is better than other surgical methods since it generally provides the patient better results that are both aesthetically appealing and boasts of a faster recovery rate.

  • Erbium Yag Laser Assisted Punch Grafting

This method is now considered obsolete as it has been succeeded by the method of Non-Cultured Melanocyte Transplant. This method utilizes grafting the melanocytes in the non-reactive areas of the skin through the use of a high-powered laser. NCMT has succeeded it since the method of NCMT provides better aesthetically pleasing results when compared to this surgical method of Erbium Yag Laser Assisted Punch Grafting.

Added Benefits:

The Maharshi Vitiligo Centres boast of a rather impressive array of reasons that justifies their reputed position as Vitiligo treatment expert and research specialists. Some of the reasons above are detailed in the following:-

  • Experienced Experts

The Maharshi organization ensures only to employ some of the most experienced experts for treating Vitiligo to give patients a better way of living. Along with their expertise, they also boast of years of experience which is represented in their research and their awareness for the skin condition that is Vitiligo.

  • Latest Equipment

The Maharshi Vitiligo Centres employ some of the most advanced and latest technologies for Vitiligo treatment. Along with the latest machinery, they couple it with the knowledge to use the given technologies and methods with the utmost efficiency.

  • Complete Management

The Maharshi Organization makes sure that their relationship with their patients goes beyond than just the initial treatment. They ensure that the patient is treated completely until the results start to develop within their skin. This unwavering dedication towards their patients is a rare sight to see and thus, makes them one of the ideal spots to treat Vitiligo.

  • Highest Success Rates

The Maharshi Organization boasts of the highest success rates for Vitiligo treatment. Owing to their strict protocols, appreciable dedication, and years of research behind their foundation makes the title entirely justifiable. Considering their noticeable streak in treating Vitiligo effectively, the Maharshi Vitiligo Centre is ideal for anyone suffering from this skin condition.

Other Information

Along with the benefits that are mentioned above, the Maharshi Vitiligo Centres are easily accessible since they boast of a wide coverage by their branches throughout India. With centers at highly urban areas such as Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Hyderabad, to name a few, the easy-of-reach factor with the Maharshi Vitiligo Centre branches gives it an edge over others in the field.

Added to that, their reach isn’t limited to their land of origin that is India. The Maharshi Vitiligo Centre has treated patients from all over the world without bias and with the same treatment as anyone of their Indian residents.

To Conclude

Considering their skill and experience with latest technologies and treatments to treat the skin condition, Maharshi Vitiligo Centres are considered one of the best candidates to get anyone who suffers from the skin condition treated to display the most effective and noticeable results. Along with the same, their dedication to ensuring that their patients get the appropriate treatment to usher them into a better way of living is commendable. Given all of the key points that are mentioned above, it is rather justifiable to say that the Maharshi Organization is one of the key players in developing and researching about the skin condition that is Vitiligo.

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