6 Ideal Features to Look for In a Water Dispenser for Offices


Water dispensers play a crucial role in offices by catering to the needs of employees. It is important to provide easy access to fresh and clean water for all at work. This appliance can help keep the employees hydrated and healthy, and thereby contribute to creating a better work environment, and enhance productivity. Given the variety of models available, selecting the apt water dispenser is not that easy. Hence, some criterion is needed to help make an informed choice. Consider these six features while shopping for the apt water dispenser.

  • Type:

There are two types of units namely bottled and bottleless dispensers. The former get their supply of water from a large plastic bottle which needs occasional replacement while the latter is connected to a water supply pipeline. Choose the right type of water purifier depending on the water supply mode. Both the types use advanced technology and an extensive filtration process for removal of bacteria and dissolved contaminants to deliver a constant flow of 100% pure drinking water.

  • Capacity:

Capacity output needs to be factored when buying a unit for an office or business organizations.  Water dispensers come in an array of sizes and capacities to meet diversified needs. There are varying storage capacities for different water dispensers. The amenity with a large storage cabinet is ideal for an office setting. Storage capacity for both hot and cold water vary from dispenser to dispenser. A high capacity bottleless dispenser will ensure that your facility never runs out of the fresh and clean water.

  • Temperature:

While the basic models just supply cold or room temperature water, there are some cutting-edge units that dispense water in different states. Check, whether the dispenser has the ability to provide chilled, normal or lukewarm water. Also, verify the temperature control setting that allows you to change the state to match your preference and desired requirement.

  • Material:

This is another important aspect that needs to be weighed. It is best to select a water dispenser that is crafted from a safe and high-quality material.  The exterior body formulated with ABS food grade plastic is a good choice. It makes the cabinet durable, shockproof and corrosion resistant.

  • Cleaning mechanism:

Remember, dispensers tend to get dirty. Regular maintenance and periodic cleanliness will guarantee efficient functioning, the longevity of the appliance and availability of pure water at all times. It is thus vital for the dispenser to have an easy cleaning mechanism in place which can be handled manually.

  • Aesthetics:

This feature also plays a vital role when buying the water appliance for a commercial layout. Look out for an appliance that displays a stylish, space-saving design with chic faucets. A floor standing equipment that offers sufficient storage capacity and blends beautifully with the ambiance will add an edge to the office space.

Water dispensers play a crucial role in contributing to staff welfare. Armed with the above given essential information, finding the water dispenser that comprises the best features for your office could be an easier affair. Start shopping for a dispenser now. Your staff will definitely appreciate this initiative.

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