Current Beauty Industry Trends

There are a lot of things that are starting to heat up right now and will be huge very soon. One of my favourites is korean beauty. The products are fun and interesting while often also being effective and budget friendly. The Elizavecca Miss Piggy Carbonated Clay Mask is getting a lot of attention all over the […]

Money Lenders Online up to $10,000 Fast

A moneylender is a man or gathering who regularly offers little individual credits at high rates of premium and is unmistakable from banks and budgetary foundations that commonly give such advances. The high loan costs charged by them is supported much of the time by the hazard included. They assume a dynamic part in loaning […]

American Health Care Act Fails in House: Consumers Union Statement

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The American Health Care Act today was pulled from the floor after failing to garner enough support to pass. Consumers Union, the policy arm of Consumer Reports, strongly opposed the bill, giving it a failing grade after evaluating it against the group’s principles for any replacement bill.  Below is a statement from Laura MacCleery, Vice […]