How Islamabad Public Schools Keep Student Records

Clearly, it varies. I did a search and picked these states at random. The link follows each:

The records of students enrolled before February 1975 are not subject to the regulations. Therefore, it is in the school district’s discretion to decide how long to keep such records. In keeping with the intent of 603 CMR 23.06, however, the time limit for destruction of the record should probably be not less than sixty years for a transcript and not more than five years for the temporary record.
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Each school district must adopt rules specifying the content of pupil records and how long pupil records will be maintained. A student’s progress records must be maintained for at least five years after the student ceases to be enrolled. Please note this is a minimum retention period, Wis. Stat. sec. 118.125(3).
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The New Jersey public school district of last enrollment, graduation, or permanent departure of the student from the school district shall keep for 100 years a mandated record of a student’s name, date of birth, name of parents, gender, health history and immunization, standardized assessment results, grades, attendance, classes attended, grade level completed, year completed, and years of attendance.

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